Building An Execution Culture

Who is it for?

You are the CEO, a business owner, or a C-Suite executive looking to create alignment on organizational strategy across the board.

You are a chief strategy executive responsible for bridging the gap between strategy and execution and/or a project manager with responsibility for overseeing large projects

Why build an Execution Culture?

Leaders and C-Suite executives spent countless hours getting the strategy right. From offsites to several meetings and brainstorming sessions – a lot of time and effort goes into getting an agreement on a company-wide strategic plan.

 Fast forward two months later, everyone is glued to their desk and with each passing day, the strategy becomes less top of mind. In a short time, the strategy is not even relevant to the day-to-day activities being performed.

Studies also show that 67% of companies fall short of achieving their strategic goals due to poor and half-hearted execution effort. And one of the primary reasons behind this lackluster result is the absence of building the organizational culture in alignment with the company strategy. Building an execution culture is an organizational-wide intervention ideal for businesses with more than 20 employees.

Understanding the ‘Execution Culture’ Difference 

As a leader, if you had to choose between an average strategy with superb execution, and a superb strategy with poor execution – what would you do?

Not an easy choice, as both strategy and execution are critical to business growth.  Therefore, having a clear strategy is a great start –  but following through on the agreed strategy is crucial.  Here the key lies in  successfully implementing strategy and accelerating your vision by leveraging organizational culture to inspire excellence, and accountability at all levels. And that is the execution culture difference.

With the above in mind, this coaching and training program is designed to help you master the criteria needed for building an effective culture. By the end of this intervention, you will be able to: 

Understand Key factors and processes for implementing strategy at every level of the organization.

Build effective leadership and embed successful strategy execution throughout your organization.

Program Overview

Part I: Communicating the strategic intent

Being able to communicate organizational strategic intent at all levels paves the way to create a buy in and brings everyone on the same page. Furthermore, doing so defines a shared context, ensuring that company strategy becomes everyone’s priority.

In part i of the program, you will learn about effective ways to communicate the organizational strategy, ensuring that the majority are onboard with – what needs to be done!

Part II: Developing effective leadership

Any change big or small needs leaders, specialists and the cheering squad. Having a framework for championing a cause such as, inculcating an execution culture needs champions at various levels.

With the above in mind, this building block enables people to understand, and practice core leadership principles towards achieving the desired results.

Final Part: Building teams and collaborating

When an entire organization acts as one team determined to achieve their goals – nothing is more beautiful. Having said that, the challenge often becomes silos which are created unintentionally. These silos if not dealt with swiftly can hamper organizational performance.

In this concluding learning block, you will learn to build effective teams.