Networking in Action

What is Network in Action?

Network in Action is a professionally managed networking group for business owners and decision makers only. Compared to other networking groups, we take pride in the following key differences:

  • Once a month mandatory meeting. We have created a fully gamified online platform for engagement that enables members to interact with and learn about their group members throughout the month


  • Professional Leadership: Unlike traditional networking groups, the group is run like business – which means there is always a professional monitoring the activity of the group, ensuring that all members are participating and contributing to the group.


  • Refer with Confidence: Network In Action only wants the best of the best in our groups. This requires a level of quality control that no other networking organization offers. How do we do this? We require all of our members to submit to a background check and personality profile. Through NIA, you can refer with confidence and know that the professionals whom you refer have a clean background and a Networking-oriented approach to business.


  • Guaranteed ROI: No other networking organization offers a ROI guarantee. Network In Action does this with a simple calculation method and your commitment to attend monthly meetings and pass referrals.

Guaranteed ROI



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